The world runs on Open Source Software.  We speak to the people who shape our world.

Robert Grossman
Episode 12

Robert Grossman

As big data gets bigger, Dr. Robert Grossman is solving problems for researchers and scientists that need to comb through massive amounts of data.

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Corey Haines Episode 11

Corey Haines

Corey tells us how he started a craftsmanship movement called Code Retreat, what he learned along the way, and how he made it sustainable so it continues on without him.

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Lorena Mesa Episode 9

Lorena Mesa

How a political activist with a Masters in Latin American and Latino Studies found a passion for code, went after what she wanted, and became a leader in her community.

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Paulus Schoutsen Episode 8

Paulus Schoutsen

Paulus is the creator and maintainer of Home Assistant, one of the most popular home automation platforms on the Internet. Together we discuss the inspiration, community, and future of the project.

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Shana Moore Episode 7

Shana Moore

In less than two years Shana Moore made the career change to become a software developer. The story of how she got involved with the community and supplemented it with online learning is inspirational.

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