Episode 1

David Khourshid

David started his adventure into open source not with a small undertaking, but with the creation of an entire library called Sassdash. A Sass implementaion of the Lodash JavaScript utility library, Sassdash provides many of the utility functions inside SCSS projects. Later, while at the Mixin meetup in San Francisco, the speaker of the night surprisingly ended up talking about David’s Sassdash library. After being called out by his friends as the creator of the project, David was invited up to the stage to speak. He describes the experience as “nerve wracking”.

David is certainly the most passionate developer I have worked with. He treats coding not as a business or way to profit, but as a way to profit others. He is truly selfless and his personal drive to learn and produce exceeds any other developer I’ve met. – Daniel Walker, Director of Technology at Fatt Merchant

His most popular open source project is; react-redux-form which allows for the easy creation of forms in the React Front-End framework using Redux. David was astounded when the project became popular and reached over a thousand stars on github. He’s used react-redux-forms in professional projects for both Fatt Merchant and Counsyl, which he will demo for us in our Show & Tell Video.

React-redux-form has been a lifesaver and has solved a problem for thousands of people before they even knew there would be a problem (vanilla React doesn’t do too well with Forms). – Daniel Walker, Director of Technology at Fatt Merchant

Landing jobs with Counsyl a at Microsoft can be directly attributed to his open source work. Both of these companies reached out to him for help. At Microsoft he’s currently helping build a debugging and diagnostics project like Chrome devtools, but with monitoring all the way down to the server.

More recently he’s been speaking about Reactive Animations in CSS, and created a library called RxCSS which makes this easier. If you’re interested in Reactive Animation you should check out his slide deck on the topic.

Looking to the future, Khourshid would like to make it easier to create animations on the web, and if you look at his beautiful CodePens I think you’ll want the same.